Animals at Eden, Inc. a life estate for the enhancement of the human-animal bond.
It is a 480 acre not-for-profit animal foundation (501(3)c) nature estate. Also, established on this estate is Eden Animal Haven, a (501(3)c, 8-acre cat sanctuary.
1694 E. 552nd Rd.   •   Brighton, Mo.   65617
   The founders and property owners of Animals at Eden INC are a semi-retired Springfield psychologist and his wife. Related to the knowledge of the many physical and emotional benefits of the human-animal bond they dedicate this property in a life estate for this purpose. It is available for lease and/or sale to individuals and health, educational and animal organizations.

Although the owners intend to continue to reside in the primary residence, all property is available for sale or lease. This will include a rental house, and multiple out buildings.

   Significant proceeds will be donated to life enhancing human-animal projects.